2013 University of Manitoba Flow Cytometry Symposium Survey 

Dear Attendees of the 2013 Flow Cytometry Symposium, 

We hope you have enjoyed the event on Oct 8th, 2013.  We will greatly appreciate if you can fill out the following survey  to help us improve the symposium and make the next one better.  

Your Level of Experience with Flow Cytometry

Do you have a flow cytometer in your lab, and if so, what model

Does your lab have your own flow cytometry analysis software?

What do you think of the symposium overall?

How is the length of the symposium?

Venue - Lecture Room

Venue - Food

Venue - Hotel and Services

Comments on the venue

Program - Keynote

Program - Morning Session

Program - Afternoon Session

Overall, did you find the talks useful?

How is the level of the difficulty of the talks

What other topics would you like us to include at the next symposium?

Other comments on the program

Did you find the vendor show useful?

Any other vendor you would like to us to invite in the future?

Comments for the vendor show or any particular vendor

Any areas of improvement?

Will you be interested in attending a workshop covering basic concepts of Flow Cytometry?

Will you be interested in a tour around the core facility?