Besides FACSDiva (FACSCanto-II, LSR-II) on the instrument work stations that can be used for flow cytometry analysis, our facility also has FlowJo software (licence dongles available for signing out for short times). This powerful flow cytometry analysis program is compatible with data acquired from any of our flow cytometry instruments and capable of executing complex analysis.


It is very important for the users of our facility to develop good data management practice in order to keep the instruments running problem-free and thus and available for everyone's use.  The users are highly recommended to back up your data into their own flashdrives and delete the old data in the workstation harddrive regularly.  The facility manager will send out reminder emails about instrument workstations space clearing in advance.  Any data before a specific date will be deleted by the facility manager by the due date.  The facility is not responsible for loss of data due to failure to comply to the facility data management regulation.   

Follow the following steps for data management:

1) Export your files on under the "Browser" tab of the Diva software as FCS files into "BD export folder" in D drive.  Then back up your files into your own USB stick or external harddrive H: drive (make sure your USB drive is VIRUS-FREE).  Finally delete your files in "D:BD export".  

2) Delete your experimental files under the "Browser" tab in the Diva software.