Please note that the rates for cell sorting and sample acquisition and analysis by core facility manager have been reduced to $65/hr (<40hr/yr) and $35/hr (>40hr/yr), effective as off Jan 1st, 2015.

Flow cytometry Analyzers

   Sample Acquisition by academic trained users

Option 1: Pay-as-you-go

·       Academics: LSR-II/FACSCanto-II: $50/hour 

·       Industry: LSR-II/FACSCanto-II: $100/hour

Option 2:  Annual one time capped fee

·      become our major users by a simple one-time payment of $4000 per      annum which will give you unlimited access to any analyzers.

   Sample Acquisition and Analysis by core facility supervisor

·       Academics: LSR-II/FACSCanto-II: $75/hour 

        Industry: LSR-II/FACSCanto-II: $150/hour

·      Fast, reliable and professional work guaranteed.  We'll work with you      along the way to ensure you get quality results that suit your need,        weather it is for paper publication or for grant application.

Cell Sorting

Academics price per year

 $65/hour (for the first 40hr sorting)

 $35/hr (after the first 40hr sorting)

Industry price per year: $150/hr

No fees for pre-sorting consultation, instrument setup [at least an hour for aseptic                       sort], laser warm-up and instrument shutdown processes of the sorting.  Fee only                       applies to the actual cell sorting process from when your tube is loaded till when the                   sorting is done.

Please note that extra late charges will apply at $50/hr for users who are more than 1                 hour late for their scheduled cell sorting (i.e. $100 for being 2hr late)


For LSR-II or FACSCanto-II including 1/2 hour lecture and 1.5 hours hands-on supervised sample acquisition. 

                Academics: $100 per session (2hr)

                Industry: $200 per session (2hr)

Major users are exempted from training fees

For all trainees, we will assist you until you are completely comfortable working on                     your own.