Instrument reservation

To reserve an instrument for flow cytometry analysis or cell sorting, please go to the following website:

All new users must complete the mandatory instrument training before being granted access to our online booking system.  Once the training is completed and budget number provided, the core facility supervisor will add you onto the member list of our online booking system. You will then be able to view the calendar and book the flow cytometry analyzers of your choice at the available time. 

Please read to following important guidelines when reserving instrument for your use:

1) Your online booking calendar ID is meant to be used by you ONLY.  Please do not share it with others, especially with the untrained users.   You should ALWAYS make reservation on the instruments before using the flow cytometers as they are shared by many research groups.

2)  There are three flow cytometry instruments housed in our facility (FACSCanto, FACSAria, LSR-II), each instrument has its own calendar.  Please select and reserve the correct instrument you have been trained on from the drop-down list on the upper-right corner. 

3) Please note that you cannot make changes on the event one hour prior to the scheduled time.  The instruments, especially the FACSCanto, are used heavily by many users, so be considerate to others and reserve only the length of the time you need.  ALWAYS cancel your booking in advance if you cannot make it to your appointment.  If cancellation is within the same day of your scheduled time, contact me IMMEDIATELY.  This is for emergency only and we do not accept booking cancellation after the scheduled booking has passed.

3) Although the calendar only shows time from 7am to 6:30pm by default.  Instrument reservation is still REQUIRED for any usage before 7am or after 6:30pm.  You can expand the calendar to see or make bookings before 7am or after 6:30pm by clicking the small yellow triangle on the top r
ight corner in the Day Grid View。

4) You are granted access to reservation of ONLY the instrument you have been trained on (either FACSCanto or LSR-II).  Additional training is required if you'd like to use the other instrument.  Please contact me first to arrange for a training course before reserving the instrument for use.

5) Reservation and operation of the FACSAria-III or MoFlow XDP for cell sorting will be done only by the Core Facility Supervisor.
 Regular users will be able to view but not to book sorting on the calendar.  Please check the calendar for available time slot and contact the facility manager by email to book for a cell sorting service.