We provide individual one-on-one training that is specifically designed to the needs of your project on our flow cytometry analyzers.  By taking our training course, you will not only gain a better understanding of flow cytometry in general but also perform sample acquisition and data analysis on your own shortly after the training.  We continue to provide support and assistance to the users of our facility if needed.

The flow cytometry training module includes: 

So you do need to prepare your cell sample and staining them before you come to the training. Using your own sample will allow you to quickly learn how to acquire data in the future experiments.  The prepared samples generally consists of

There should be minimal 0.5 million cells in 200-300ul of PBS in standard flow tubes (12x75 mm, 5ml Polystyrene tube). 

It is advisable to develop clear project objectives involving flow cytometry prior to training, in order obtain the greatest benefit from the course.  We also recommend you to prepare your own cell samples that will be used in your project in order for you to perform acquisition/analysis on your own as quickly as possible.  

Please note that this training course is mandatory for all new users of our facility before they are granted access to any of our flow cytometry analyzers. Separate training is required for different types of analyzers housed in our facility.